-Sigil: Red Lion on blue background
-Words: By strength or by honor
-High Lords of Bristenholt

They are the might of the realm, being the largest holt. They watch the southern border closely as there is an almost universal distrust of outsiders ingrained in Bristens. Besides that they are an honest people, and the Bristen family do their best to set aside their prejudice whenever they feel it is clouding their judgement. They are not however, always successful.

Lord: Samwell Bristen everything about Lord Bristen speaks of physical perfection. He spends hours a day training his body for combat. He carries a great sword as if it were a dagger, he could fight his family’s beast bare fisted and come out on top. But he does his best to contain his natural rage.

Lady: Adnette Bristen is a quiet and reserved woman who does great things to calm her husband. She is one of the great beauties of the land, but is not known to really flaunt it. She always surprises company by being prepared even for the most unexpected guests. She is cousin to Lady Lorund and brother to Lord Geraxis.


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