-Sigil: Giant yellow squid on purple background
-Words: All within sight, is for the taking
-High Lords of Geraxis Holt

The naval and trade power of the realm, they are the richest House by far. They are also the strangest it would seem, for their interactions with other countries have led them to adopt many foreign customs. Like whore houses. They also enjoy taxing non-Geraxian citizens till they are forced to take up dock work.

Lord: Tanly Geraxis a man obsessed with the value of everything, if it cannot be converted to gold then it might as well rot at the bottom of Martsuk‚Äôs keep. His wife is a gift from the far off land of Darundai part of a living trade agreement with that lands council. He thrives on the buying and selling of items for no reason than just to see what he can swindle out of the other man. Although he usually does this as an exercise and with no malicious intent, sometimes…he is cruel.

Geraxisholt has the most coastline of any of the other Holts and uses that to their great advantage. Its northern border is comprised of the once holt, Hamiota who broke off from Nevaria in 150 AWC. Then the MacTull and Strippen holts make up its western border, and to the south is the land of Bristen who’s lady is Tanly’s sister. Of course their eastern border is the Wild Sea, the great boon of this holt.


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