The kingdom of Nevaria is a monarchy consisting of six Holts which is ruled by the Wyrdbane family and is situated the continent of Noreste. It is bordered by Salvaxe to the northwest, Hamiota to the northeast and Tauron to the south. The governmental system is moderately feudal with the power descending from the King to the High Lords to the Ser(a) and then finally to the Freeman.


The beginnings of Nevaria can be found in the previous age where the wild tribes roamed across the face of Noreste destroying any semblance of an established residence. Deband Wyrdbane was someone who was a middle of the rank marauder showing no great aptitude for, anything. But that changed when he was separated from his horde and discovered the White Crown in a cave that seemed to be completely untouched. The Crown gave him awesome physical prowess which allowed him to challenge Eldurson for control of his horde. When he claimed control, at the cost of Eldurson’s life, he settled the horde down in the area known as the Capitalholt now. As Deband’s horde was now a settled residence it fell pray to the other marauders but it held out MUCH better than any other. However Deband’s daughter Nevaria died in a raid, which drove Deband into a rage.

Nevaria’s death saw Deband’s return to his marauding ways, however instead of going to a new area pillaging and then leaving he stayed. Claiming land bit by bit he staked out territory which he called “Nevaria’s Weregild” leaving trusted friends and lieutenants of his behind to control regions as he left to conquer more lands. Showing wisdom uncommon to conquerer’s as successful as he, Deband did not push to the point of breaking but upon establishing almost the exact borders of modern Nevaria he stopped. Claiming that while his revenge was righteous “I am now a King, I claim no more Glory, no more Honor, but Duty.”

-Inner Strife
For the remainder of Deband’s life Nevaria turned to building an internal structure being the first people’s to create roads. Ouro Geraxis also was the first to institute the monetary standard of ten Copper to a Silver, ten Silver to a Gold. Aprenden MacTull also made the first College with a library using the rough written language common in that era. However once the infrastructure was established the issue came about of the borders of each lieutenant’s lands. This was first brought up just as Deband was dying of natural causes who was turning the ruling power to his son, Ferskur. Claiming that since he was not their horde master they owed him nothing and should wipe him out, their loyalty to his father kept them from doing so. Their rage then turned to each other and each lieutenant fought for dominant control of the land. The strongest of these was quite obviously Vopn Bristen who swept up the west border simultaneously repelling hordes and defeating the Nevarians for control of the land. Vernda Lorund did not once look towards claiming more lands instead worked only at eliminating all invaders. Rusticor Strippen immediately saw the advantage of the farm land and focused entirely on claiming these lands and saw all other territory as a secondary goal. The MacTull family focused almost entirely on keeping any hostility from reaching the Wyrdbane family at least publicly, there was a good amount of land grabbing committed by this family as well. Geraxis focused on becoming a naval power literally just because no one else thought about it. They developed the first real ship an ancestor to what you might find in today’s port. The sixth lieutenant Sjo Hamiota was closely aligned with Geraxis however felt himself to weak to push for power. When Deband finally died the White Crown passed to Ferskur who grew into its power in a grand fashion. Rallying the civilians of each lieutenants’ lands he created a force not to defeat the upstart leaders but quell them. He claimed that they were unaccustomed to order and could not be blamed for their actions as they were the “last men of a wild age.” He did say that no longer could this be allowed to exist, no longer would lieutenants be expected to run a country. He created the rank of Lord and awarded the title to what is now known as the High Lords of Nevaria. Ferskur also clearly defined the borders of each holt and created the hierarchy of King>Lord>Ser>Freeman to make sure that killing a superior wasn’t as effective it once was.

In recent history the country has fallen to ashes. Due to the impotence of House Wyrdbane from being able to protect its offspring during the


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