-Sigil: Brown Bear on a field of Green
-Words: What need I, but the Earth?
-High Lords of Strippenholt

The sturdy farmers of the Strippen lands do not concern themselves with things that do not immediately affect or better their lives. That is not to say they are not looking, there is a group known as the Seekers who are constantly combing the entire world for things to better not only the Strippenholt but Nevaria as a whole.

Lord: Bernand Strippen can most easily be described as a farmer. He has a “castle” in the strictest sense a large stone building with four walls, but everything inside is for growing food. It is a large green house and Strippen is absolutely fascinated by how things grow.

Lady: Tara Strippen a perfect companion to her husband, where is obsessed with soil she is obsessed with rain fall. Where he worries about breeding livestock for the best, she worries about preparing herbs to be sold with it. A good marriage.

The Holt itself is centrally located being completely landlocked and bordered by MacTull to the north, Geraxis to the east, and Bristen to the south and west. It has the most fertile land but is by no means the only farm land in the country. It is constantly re-evaluating its farming practices to put it above and beyond everyone else, which is shown in their variety of seeds shipped in every year. Bernand is the first of his line to really focus on livestock as well, seeing what new technologies can be made to make raising and keeping them easier.


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