-Sigil: A multicolored fist
-Words: No Glory, No Honor, but Duty
-Royal Family
-Possessor of the White Crown

Historical Members
Deband Wyrdbane, See Nevaria
Ferskur Wyrdbane, See Nevaria

Recent Members
Zanlis Wyrdbane has a sharp mind and is willing to do anything to protect his realm, except maybe if it cost him his son. Consequently his son is constantly guarded and is being trained in the arts of self defense beyond the regular tutelage a prince would undergo. Zanlis was rocked a few years ago by the lost of his wife, Elska, to a disease she caught while traveling to a foreign land. When she arrived back in Geraxisholt she was too sick to even be moved back to the capitol. But he has since recovered while never forgetting her. He continues in his family tradition of calling up freemen to serve on his council. This includes when working on special projects calling up experienced freemen to advise him directly. Recently his life was threatened while out at a harvest festival in Strippenholt . His life was saved by one of the Magi publicly placing him in the debt of that caste of individuals

Elska Wyrdbane was Zanlis’s wife, a commoner he fell in love with when he was patrolling the street one night. She was returning home from taking care of her ailing father when she was attacked by some ruffians who didn’t expect the king himself to stroll around the corner. She

Reyder Wyrdbane is the prince and is only twelve years old.


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