Joron: King of the land we walk on, Protector of all that rest on and under his soil

The twin brother of Kayon he is the most commonly worshiped god as his domain is the most readily apparent. In particular Strippenholt is wildly devoted to him because he brings the good soil which brings a good harvest. He is also the god that the Wyrdbane is crowned under as his role as protector is the goal of every Nevarian king. He is said that he sometimes save travelers from his beasts, his children.

Kayon: King of the air and sky, Watcher of all that can be seen by the expanse of his sky

The twin brother of Joron he is always respected but not particularly worshiped as most people don’t see him as interacting in their daily lives all that often. However there are roving groups of individuals (mostly women) who are the bards of Kayon. They see song as the sweet wind Kayon bestowed on them and worship him as the god of freedom. He is also the favored god of spies and thiefs as he is said to watch all that happens beneath his sky, with great interest.

Marstuk: King of the Sea and Rivers, Learner of all there is to know above and below the water

Martsuk is the favored god of Geraxisholt for good reason, all their ships carry an icon of him in some form, the more the better. Sailors have even gone so far as to brand the icon onto their bodies so they are always safe. But it is an odd duality in the patrons of Marstuk because besides the rough and rowdy sailors the other group that are devoted to Marstuk are scholars. The greatest dream of any learned man in Nevaria is to find Martsuks Deep Library where it is said the entirety of human and supernatural knowledge is located, at the bottom of the sea. He is also brother to Joron and Kayon although older because before there was land or sky…there was the sea.

Nebandi: Queen of the Far Shore, Keeper of the dead and of their mysteries

The most mysterious of the gods, and not only because she is the only female, she is Queen of the Far Shore where everyone has come from, and everyone will return to. This is the home of the gods, although they prefer to keep abodes in their respective realms. This is also where magic is “rumored” to have come from and where the dead stay. And Nebandi loves every single one of the dead wicked or good, honorable night or traitorous snake. Her heart is as large as human existence. She is also the mother of the three male gods and culls their rage when need be. She is the light that all people see when they die and the voice that eases the dyings pain.


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